today is wisdomwednesday and I wanted to see what new activities people have started in lockdown

WHAT NEW ACTIVITY or HOBBY have you started in LOCKDOWN ?

For many, they have turned to their garden as a way to keep active, enjoy the outside spaces that we had available (and I totally acknowledge that many people did not have access to a garden during the lockdown), and an escape from the stress and frustrations of the crisis. I have decided to spend an hour each morning to enjoy the garden and to do some garden maintenance as part of my new daily routine. Some have been looking to focus more on growing vegetables and fruit to give them more self-reliance going forward,

Luckily now the lockdown restrictions have been lifted a little, people are able to get out and visit parks and enjoy the beauty of the wildlife and gardens more.

For others, doing indoor exercise has been a stable.

Maybe you have rediscovered an old hobby you had? Maybe you have been wanting to learn a new language? What else have people found to keep a sense of normality?

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