Andy Pardoe

Advisor, Mentor & Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Career Mentoring

Focused on career development and advancement, skills & knowledge.

Personal Mentoring

Covering wellbeing, health & fitness and achieving financial freedom.

Goal Setting

The fundamentals of focus and keeping the long term objectives in mind

Personal Coaching

Relationships, Health and Wealth management all impact us in many different ways

Stress Management

Techniques to deal with stress especially in times of change and uncertainty

Career Advice

Career path development and focused progression

A Timely Message of Hope & Resilience

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we must keep our hope and resilience, look to the future and seek opportunities where we can flexible adapt to situations and position ourselves for success when the economy recovers.

About Me

An experienced CTO and CEO working across a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail and Media. With expertise of global change programmes delivering complex technical transformations including Enterprise Scaled AI delivery and commercialisation.

Now a Professor of AI with 25 years of professional experience working as a technology director guiding complex innovative solutions in large corporations. I managed large global teams and the majority of my work involved people management, including the career development, mentoring and coaching of the people that worked for me.

Taking my lifetime of experiences and knowledge, I wanted to share my approach and techniques for career advancement and development with a wider group of people, so that many others can benefit sooner from the tools and frameworks I have discovered as I progressed throughout my career.


“Following Professor Andy Pardoe’s tip I followed a GEEK HOUR strategy (1 hr each day) this week and successfully finished reading the book ‘Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital age’ by Roman Pichler.
Now the next step is implementing the learnings in the hashtag#roadmap exercise 😀 #GEEKHOUR”

“Some great insights for time management, efficiencies in working and managing priorities.”

“A thought provoking and inspirational coach”

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