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Frequently Asked

Mentoring duration

Any mentoring relationship is better with a long period to develop understanding and context. Bespoke mentoring with Andy is for a minimum of 6 months. 

Mentoring before Coaching

Yes it is possible to sign up for mentoring before doing any of the coaching programmes. You may want to do the coaching after initial mentoring with Andy

Intro Meeting

The intro meeting with Andy is really to allow you to better understand the coaching and mentoring programmes and determine which one is best for you.

Advisory & NED

Andy is available for NED and Advisory roles for companies and can provide a range of support and guidance from the adoption of digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence to more general business development.

Speaking opportunities

Andy is available for speaking engagements, from keynotes at conferences, after dinner talks or smaller events and meetings. Send a message with a proposal and budget available.

Online Free Resources

A Message of Hope

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we must keep our hope and resilience, look to the future and seek opportunities

Remote Working & Digital Workforce

Now more than ever, remote working and digital transformation is key to your success

The 45 Minute Meeting

Learn a technique to make meetings more efficient and give you 2 hours a day back.

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