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Announcing that the film documentary called “WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT AI

A balanced documentation discussing AI both now and the possibilities of AI in the future. Having a considered examination of the pros and cons (practical and philosophical) of Artificial General Intelligence and the future of humanity.

I am proud to be one of the AI advisors to the director Leanne Pooley and production team for this documentary.

It covered many of the aspects and concerns of developing Artificial General Intelligence, highlighting why we will only get one chance to get this technology development right, and challenges the motives of those who are currently most likely to be the ones creating and maybe controlling the Superintelligence of the future.

It also discusses in detail the interaction between Human Intelligence and Machine Intelligence, and illustrates how this relationship may change as the AI becomes more advanced.

Released internationallyon Amazon Prime, release dates given below:

International (excluding the USA, Australia & NZ) – April 20th 2020
The United States –  May 18th 2020
Australia and New Zealand – August 5th 2020

The AI Book is the first crowdsourced book on the applications of AI across financial services and brings together some of the industry’s best thought leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers globally.

Find out more about the book and pre-order your copy on Amazon:

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