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My Story

Now a Professor of AI with 25 years of professional experience working as a technology director guiding complex innovative solutions in large corporations. While the work was grounded in technical delivery, I managed large global teams and the majority of my work involved people management, including the career development, mentoring and coaching of the people that worked for me.

Taking my lifetime of experiences and knowledge, I wanted to share my approach and techniques for career advancement and development with a wider group of people, so that many others can benefit sooner from the tools and frameworks I have discovered as I progressed throughout my career. 

My Values & Beliefs


Everyone has a unique story to tell and have amazing experiences and knowledge to share. Understanding the prior experiences of individuals helps to develop the right focus to move forward.

Honesty & Trust

With any advisory, mentoring or coaching relationship there needs to be honesty and trust between the two parties. This is essential to make the relationship productive.


With measured focus and belief we can all achieve the things we consider important. A strong work ethic and daily effort helps to gradually deliver your objectives

My Approach

With both the coaching programmes and the bespoke mentoring, the delivery is focused on understanding the individual and tailoring the interactions to align with the personal goals and objectives. Initial sessions are dedicates to determining the specific objectives the client is looking to achieve to allow the focus and priority on the part of the programme that best align with these goals.

A review of progress at the start of each session, determines if any topic needs to be recapped before moving forward to ensure the client is able to put into practice the topics being covered.

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