A few of weeks ago I started to mentor a couple of students on the full-time MBA at University of Warwick – Warwick Business School.

I did the Distance Learning MBA a number of years ago, and it seems like for all students now, the impact of Covid-19 has turned their degrees, in part, into a Distance Learning degree.

But the delivery of the course material is only part of doing an MBA, the networking with their fellow cohort, all coming from different backgrounds and experience, is also a key element of an MBA, regardless of the type (full-time, executive or distance learning). Luckily, it seems that for this years cohort they did have the opportunity to network with their cohort before covid-19 changed the focus.

Warwick has always had a great platform for its DLMBAs and this is now proving invaluable for the whole range of MBA degree right now.

But this is not why I wanted to post this message.

What has truly impressed me was the optimism and positive perspective the students have with the current situation. It was totally inspiring to chat with them to discuss their plans for the future and how they are adapting to new way of studying.

There is hope on the horizon, and we will move from survive, to revive and finally to thrive … but we will never forget 2020, its impact will be with us forever.

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