today is wisdomwednesday and the focus is on #healthy #eating 

During these times of uncertainty and stress, a cornerstone to help, is improvements to our health and wellbeing. This can be difficult, especially as our ability for movement and exercise has been limited in recent weeks. One way to counter-balance this is to make some changes to our eating habits, including, more meals being based on vegetarian and vegan diets.  This doesn’t have to be as radical as it sounds. There are some amazing meat alternatives now available that are very tasty. We are starting to see options appear in super-markets and fast-food take-aways. I know of some excellent pizzas with pepperoni based on jack fruit (available from Papa John’s) for example (other retailers also have meat free options!).

What is your wednesdaywisdom for us? wednesdaythoughts pearlsofwisdom #health #wellbeing #eating #vegetarian #vegan #fiveaday #fruit

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