today is wisdomwednesday.

What pearls of wisdom do you have to share with us today

Here is mine – while waiting in an airport many years ago, I picked up a book to read called “Who moved my cheese?“.

It was a short and quick read, but its message was very clear. And it seems like a very useful message right now: In life and work, things are constantly changing, some things we have control over but many others we dont. We need to embrace change and accept it, turn disappointment into new opportunity.

Globally we are all facing much change and disruption, but we will get through this period. Things will be different, some for the worse some for the better. But together if we can all support each other we should grow stronger and be better placed to adapt to change in the future.

What is your wednesdaywisdom for us? wednesdaythoughts pearlsofwisdom

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