Motivation Mondays

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a butterfly.”

I love this proverb as it encapsulates the beauty and optimism of transformation.

Often change is difficult, especially when it is imposed on us rather than by choice, but either way, if we embrace the process, look for new opportunities we will evolve and transform into the next stage of our career / life. While at the time the process can feel exceptionally challenging and problematic, looking back, we will often see it as a positive change. Embracing the process and using it as a platform to develop ourselves, learn new skills and do new things that we might not have thought we could do before.

I believe it is during these difficult times that we learn the most, develop as individuals, and be able to explore our own potential more.

Throughout my career I have mentors many individuals who faced difficult and challenging situations at work, seeing these as opportunities to learn, to develop and to grow, is the first step to leveraging the situation as a platform for evolving ourselves, transforming into the next stage of our careers.

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