There is a time eating tendency to, by default, schedule meetings for 60mins irrespective of the agenda and topic(s) to be covered.

This then leads to meetings being inefficient, people wasting time and being unfocused on the agenda at hand, and generally fitting the discussion into the hour time slot. Combining this with back-to-back meetings scheduled, with no time to move from one meeting to the next, or more importantly, to prepare for the next meeting, the working day disappears with meetings and little else achieved.

There is a simple solution to solve this problem.

Schedule meetings to last 45mins for long meetings or 25 minutes for shorter meetings.

In an eight hour day, you will regain 2 hours back for productive work, outside of meetings.

These extra minutes can be very productive, allowing you to catch up on project work, respond to emails and queries and properly prepare for next meeting.

If everyone in a team or organisation can flip to this approach, then it will also help the other most annoying problem companies can suffer, which is people arriving late for meetings. Often the first 5 or 10 minutes can be wasted time by the majority because one or two people are unable to finish their previous meetings on time.


  1. Start meetings on time
  2. Schedule them for 45 minutesĀ 
  3. Have an agenda and have someone to lead the meeting and keep to schedule
  4. Record minutes, actions and owners. Publish as soon as possible.

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