In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we must keep our hope and resilience, look to the future and seek opportunities where we can flexible adapt to situations and position ourselves for success when the economy recovers.

The significance and disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, can not be understated. It would seem that everyone on the planet has been impacted by it. Its has effected peoples health, wellbeing and finances. Many have unfortunately lost their lives to the virus, others have lost their jobs. Business owners have faced financial destruction or needed to shut down their company or pivot their business operations to adapt rapidly to the changes.

Like myself, many people have come through recessions before. When I first graduated the world was suffering a downturn, and we have seen similar periods of stress during 2001 and of course the financial crisis of 2008/9 seemed to be at the time the worst recession for a generation.

During these uncertain times, and like many previous times of turmoil, our natural instinct is that of Fear. Its human nature to be fearful. Fear is a survival response that is deeply embedded in brains.

At these times of disruption and hardship, with the global recession looming, we need to find inspiration and hope and reflect on our abilities of resilience and flexibility. We need to turn our fear into faith. To believe, that as we have previously, we will get through these difficult times and move forward, regaining and refreshing ourselves.

It is now a time for reflection and refresh, looking for new opportunities and ways we can move forward. It is clear that the world post-pandemic will be different. Change often bring opportunity, and we need to be ready to embrace these when they present themselves. Being ready to flex and adapt, taking a new perspective of what is possible and seeing now we can come through this better and stronger than before.

We will do doubt face more challenges and loss as we continue to fight this virus, but we must look to the future, have faith that we will get through this period and prepare ourselves to be successful when the economy recovers.

As a species, we are intelligent and resilient, able to learn and adopt to changing situations. Now is the time to grow, to increase your capabilities. Your mind is the most powerful machine in the universe and if given the chance it can be so creative and innovative. Explore your power and find ways to learn new skills and knowledge.

Live with purpose, live with passion and live with the power to change.


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